Sunday, December 25, 2011

Spending Christmas in Germany!

Hey guys, let me begin by saying Merry Christmas and a Happy New! So....Christmas. I have always been at home for Christmas so being away is definitely a big adjustment. In college, I would normally get roughly the 23rd-25th off with practice on Christmas Night being a track meet. Even then I would complain about not being able to do this or do that like all of the other kids did on Christmas break. Looking back now I would love to be able to spend the Holidays with my family. Skype and texts can only do so much when you are used to the time and fellowship with your family. I could have used that Christmas feast for some food, instead I settled for McDonalds for my meal. Nothing says Merry Christmas like greasy chicken mcnuggets and french fries. Rough livin!

Although, I am doing nothing but complaining about being cooped up in my 1 bedroom apartment in the outskirts of Wurzburg, Germany at least I wasn't alone. I got to spend some time with my brothers (teammates). If it wasn't for the I don't know what we would have done.  Everything in the city was essentially shut down at 2pm on Saturday since Germans celebrate Christmas then and on Sundays everything is closed anyways.  The NFL and NBA games definitely got me through these 2 days which seemed to just drag on forever.

I knew that the Holidays would be a struggle before I signed my contract, but I get to come home in a few weeks for a roughly a week so I am looking forward to that. Christmas in January? Guess we will see.....

Sorry for all the mumbo jumbo....a lot of thoughts were running through my head while writing this.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


As I sit here and relax after both practices today I am just thinking about everything that has happened in my life to get me to this points.  Life is never as bad as it seems and never as good either.  Just going to write about some of things that have gone through my head tonight. This will jump all over but ill try to make it easy to follow.

First, I was thinking about my family. Lets start with my brother...thinking how we always used to fight and obviously I would get the best of him in those battles.  One that sticks out was couple years ago and he was running his mouth while some people were over and he just pushed enough buttons for me to be get him outside and try to "take me down."  In about 2.5 seconds I had him on his back and in what looked like a human pretzel with a bloody nose from his leg hitting his nose. Whats crazy about that is that now there is none of that between us and we get alone great....probably because I spoil him and get me about anything he wants.

What comes to mind when thinking about my mom above her yelling at me when to make my free throws or at the refs when the gym is silent is a time when I was younger and wanted to work on my pitching for baseball.  She crouched down and gave me a target as I wound up. Delivered the pitch as if she had on full gear and was a normal catcher...BAM.  The ball catch her on the inside of her leg and instantly was bruised and completely swollen.  I felt pretty bad after that and obviously my pitching workout was cut short.

I remember playing 1 on 1 against my dad and going to all of his games at Community Gym in Huntington.  As a lil tyke I would go over to the side goals with some other kids whose dad was playing and we would chuck the ball towards the 10 ft rim getting lucky every once in a while.  This is where my love for the game started.  I traveled with him to his game just to get a chance to shoot even if I couldn't get the ball to the rim.  1 on 1 obviously wasn't fair since he was a lot bigger than me but he would let me score a few points as he would shoot 3s and stuff.

Secondly, just thinking about basketball and all of the opportunities it has given me in my life. Chances to play all of the US and visit places I would never have imagined going in my life. All began as a kid playing at the Salvation Army, on my strategically stacked team with buddy and beast John Wall and then another one of our best friends.  Playing in Gus Macker 3-on-3 tournaments and getting invited to Gus Macker Nationals in Celebration, FL. Playing AAU for Indiana Stars and Indiana Elite traveling all over the US and having a blast with the guys that shared the same dream as I.  Gotta give respect to a friend/teammate thats life was taken as a Frosh at Ball State..RIP Travis! High school basketball playing with all of my best friends and being able to clown around before and after games as well on bus trips. Chance to continue my dream and play in the B10 for the Boilers.  Play beside multiple NBA and Professional players on our journey to a B10 Championship, BTT Championship, and 4 NCAA appearances.  Traveling to workouts, playing summer league, and preseason for NBA teams. Just getting a taste of what its life at that level.  The D-League last season playing so close to my friends and family and for a great organization.  Puerto Rico in the summer was a blast and got to meet some awesome people.  Now, sitting here in Germany still playing the game I loved and still dream about to this day.

So many memories with my friends that I could write all day about those, but my friends and family help shape me into the person I am today. I haven't had it as "rough" as some people, but I am not going to say I have had it easy.  It is hard work to get into this position but I feel like I made the right decision. Through everything in my life there has been at least some adversity that I have had to battle through.  It has all made me a stronger person.

Love my family! Love my friends! Love this game!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Beat at the Buzzer

Last night was game 3 in Germany.  We played Frankfurt who had some Americans that many people would know (Juice Thompson from Northwestern, John Leuer from Wisco, and Justin Gray from Wake Forest).  It was back and forth for most of the first half and we trailed by 3 going into half.  In the second half we started making a run until there was a very controversial call.  What should have been called and inadvertent whistle was not called and we gave up a 3 and then our coach received a tech because it was not called when it should have.  With that said in 3 possessions we gave up 14 points.  The three against after the whistle 2 free throws for the tech, two more free throws on a foul after the tech, another 3, and then a 4 point play.  We went from up 6 to down 10 in less than a of the most drastic turns in momentum I have ever witnessed.  Even after all of these events we came together for one last big push late in the fourth quarter.  We were able to get steals and stops on the defensive end and able to create baskets on the other end.  Had a chance to tie the game at the line with under 30 seconds left but we connected 1-2 free throws.  Only having 2 team fouls with roughly 15 seconds left....they threw it in the first time and we fouled immediately. The second time we got a steal and I was fouled in transition right before I passed the ball to a cutter for the go ahead score.  I had 2 free throws as we were down 1 with 11 seconds left.  Knowing the situation all of my concentration was on the first free throw since that  is the biggest one and since I struggled from the line so far this season.  Knocked them both down and we were up 1 point.  We had a foul to give and fouled a little earlier than we wanted but they had about 10 seconds left and Justin Gray worked the ball up the court and took about a 40 footer and buried it as the buzzer sounded.  Our whole team was totally shocked but he stole the show with that last shot when we put so much effort into coming back and taking the lead.  The good thing about basketball, however, is that we have a game on Saturday.  Cant wait to get back out there and play again.  Bad taste in my mouth after losing that way.

If some of this doesnt make sense I am sorry...quickly threw this together.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

German Experience

After a hellacious plane ride between two very unsanitary people I made it to Germany.  On the way from Frankfurt to Wurzburg I got to experience the autoban as a passenger.  As fast as I thought we were going really wasn't that fast when you convert km/h to mph.  I received a small but clean and nice 1 bedroom furnished apartment outside the city and a car (looks like a Prius).  The day I arrived our team had a preseason game so I tagged along and got to see first hand how the game was played and reffed over here. Seemed like Techs were giving out like water was to the players.  We pulled out the game on their court to finish the preseason.  Our team looks like we could be very competitive as we moved into the top division after being in the second last year.  We have good guards, forwards who can score inside and out, and some big strong centers that can play.  Our coach is all about thats nothing new to me.

I am getting adjusted pretty nicely over here after about a week.  The jet lag has worn off so sleeping through the night is no longer a problem.  The guys on the team are showing me around and letting me tag along with them as they go places.  Having a lot of Americans and guys that have played in Germany before is very nice and extremely helpful.  The two bad things about living here so far though....Not speaking the language and always just putting down the change I am given.  Those of you that do not know 1 and 2 Euros are on coins over here so those add up for sure.  In America I just keep the quarters in my car for maybe a big gulp of gum at the gas station but I cant do that here.  I need all that money!

First game is Oct. 3 so another blog will come shortly after that.  Everyone have a safe and enjoyable weekend.  Those of you that read this I am going to make a bold prediction for the Purdue ND game.


Wiggs kicks a field goal to win the game with seconds remaining.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Final Thoughts from Puerto Rico

As our final game concluded I was able to sit back and reflect on this experience I was blessed with.  What an amazing opportunity I was given by my dear friend Edwin Loubriel Jr.  I want to thank him and his father for asking me to come and join the Guaynabo Mets.  Although, we did not win the championship or get to that point it was a good run for our team.  We were short handed due to injuries but never let that get us down we still went out and fought until the end.  I would be remorse if I did not thank the fans of the Mets for all the love and support they showed me from my first day on the squad.  Y'all made the games a lot of fun...."Guaynabo ahii!"

I hope to be invited back again next year so I can participate in this great league.  Guaynabo would be perfect if it was able to happen.  The lone bad thing of my experience in Puerto Rico was all of the rain.  I had enough of that back home before I just followed me down here it seemed.  Hurricane season killed my chances at coming back with a nice tan lol.

I also need to thank the employees of the Quality Inn for putting up with my horrible sleeping habits.  The maids had it set so they wouldn't knock on my door until at least 1:30pm for service but most of the time they would wait until about 3.  Most of the time I would still be laying in bed exhausted but I would get up and go get some food so they could clean my room for me.  On top of the Quality Inn Staff I need to thank the Marriott casino personnel for being so kind and generous to me during my stay.  It was about two and half weeks strait I would find myself there every single night playing black jack or 3 card poker.  The casino was very good to me until the last couple days I got old after a while.

Another blog to come about the basketball experience soon.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Semis dead locked at one game a piece in the best of seven

Monday was a great day for the Guaynabo Mets.  We walked into the gym that holds roughly 15k and delivered a win against the defending Champs.  It was a total team effort and a much needed win to take control of the series.  We battled back and forth in the first half and then we took control of the game in the mid third quarter.  We played very sound defense, moved the ball offensively, took good shots, and capitalized on their mistakes.  Personally, the picture I have posted was my personal high light of the game.  Buster (our 4 man) blocked one of their guys shots and that led us to a 2-on-1 break and I had the ball with their point guard back.  He never stopped the ball so I took it all the way and when I jumped he jumped as well so I knew I had to take it to the rim and try to dunk it.  From that point on we made plays offensively and defensively so we could get the win.  I think I had 7 points, 7 rebounds, 4 ast, and 4 steals in the game.

Game 2 started out pretty good and then hit a turn for the worse.  Arecebo has a player who is the "shooter" on the Puerto Rican National Team.  Tonight he did that very well, and so did the rest of his teammates.  They shot the ball very well from the perimeter and when we would battle back and get into the game we would have a mental lapse and they would capitalize.  I played pretty well in the second half and finished with 16 and 4 rebounds I believe.  Tonight, I experienced something that has no place in sports.  Our fan were throwing things on the court, one of which almost drilled me.  Due to the throwing of objects we had to wait to dry the court and we received technicals for those actions.  I was in  awe and didn't know what to do when objects started flying.

Game 3 on Friday as we had to a packed house in Arecebo.  Its going to be like walking into IU, MSU, or Wisco for me. Cant Wait!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Game 6

Last night was one hell of a basketball game to watch.  Two teams playing very hard with two completely different objectives in mind.  Basketball is a game of runs, as most of you know, and the key to winning most games is limiting the other teams runs while making yours last.  This game was back and forth with runs and had to be exciting for the packed gym to watch.  I felt like we had the game in control as we were up 12 points in the 3rd quarter and when it started to rain it poured.  3 consecutive and 1s and then a 3 pointer to tie the game up as quick as a a snap of the fingers.  We found ourselves down 2 with 32 seconds to go in the fourth quarter.  We got the stop we needed and had a guy leaking out and hit him in stride to get found rather excessively from behind with 9 seconds left.  He hit both free throws and they called a time out.  We got the stop with roughly 5 seconds to go and we had two people breaking for a game winning lay up as time expired but our big guy dribbled up and took a half court shot that was so close to going down but rimmed out.

FIBA rules are different than anything I am used to.  Sancturce got the ball to start the overtime and they took control of the game and we tried to play form behind in the OT and just didn't have enough to get over the hump.  Personally, I thought I played pretty well but not well enough for us to get the W and move on to the semi-finals.  I had 22 points, 6 rbs, and 3 ast.  Saturday is the win or go home type of game and it will also be my first game 7 experience.  I am excited for this opportunity we have to close the series at our home court.

More to come following our game.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Game 5...Disaster

Game 5 didn't start or end well to say the least.  We started our the game before running out in a circle with a guy acting like a bull fighter and then other as the bull and the bull was charging and we would all chant olay. If that isn't a sign from the beginning that we came out flat and "got our doors blown clean off the hinges" to quote my former Mad Ants roommate Darnell Lazare.  They picked us apart and were hitting 3s and getting dunks off the pick and roll because no one wanted to help to give up a 3.

That is all we are going to talk about the game wasn't close and we will leave it at that.  Thursday is a great opportunity for our team to end the series once and for all.  Losing tomorrow puts a bunch of pressure on us and brings us to a home game against a team that just won 3 in a row.  Must win tomorrow in my books....lose and go home doesn't sound to good at this point.

Everyone wish us luck to end the series so we can advance and get a couple days off before facing the Champions from last season who are big and extremely athletic.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Puerto Rico...Game 4

Well, I know I missed a little bit there while I was sulking and complaining about my minutes the past two games.  So I am sorry but to recap those two games a bit we won game two at their place by 3 points I believe.  It was a total team effort and things went well.  Game 3 we lost by 2 at the buzzer....Angel Vasallo made a great tip in and got fouled to tie the game with bout 7 seconds left but Walter Hodge had the last laugh in this one has he came off a ball screen and we switched and beat the defender and finished with his lefty floater.

Tonight was a game that we labeled as a must win.  An Opportunity to take complete control of the series with the next game back at home.  We opened the game pretty flat and Sancture hit some shots at the beginning to put them up to an early lead.  We battled back and went back and forth most of the first half.  The third quarter is when all the fireworks happened.  Late in the 3rd, our back up big man Jorge was called for a foul when he and I both thought it was a clean strip and we had a fast break lay up.  He reacted pretty excessively at first then walked away but the ref still called a technical and then the antics began he ran over and got into his face to make sure he got all of his words in to make it worth getting tossed.  Personally, I thought he was about to beat the ref up right there on spot.  That is something I have never seen in my life.  So...with that being said they shot 6 free throws and made all of them.  That was a 6 point swing so we were trailing after being tied.  Just like so frequently happens in basketball him getting tossed turned things around for us and gave us the momentum.

The forth quarter was back and forth until we took control of the game late.  Angel Vasallo basically scored all of our points in the 4th quarter as it seemed he shot free throws every time down the court.  This was a big time when for us on their court heading back to Guaynabo for game 5.

Personally, I was focused and hungry and had a great opportunity tonight and took advantage of it.  I checked in mid first quarter and played the whole first half from that point on.  I ended first half with 6 points, 5 boards,  and 4 ast.  Then I finished the game with 16 points, 6 boards, 7 ast, and 4 steals.  So I took full advantage of my opportunity and hopefully things will keep going smoothly over here.

On a non basketball note....It has rained here more than it did back in Indiana so yall should be happy for  that.  I was hoping to come back when a nice cinnamon tan and maybe a pretty senorita haha.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Puerto Rico...Game 1

Last night I made my debut for the Guaynabo Mets as we started off the series with a home win.  The game is much more physical than I was used to playing in the NBDL.  While handling the ball you can push, shove, smack, slap, etc and most the time not get called for a foul...although that works into my advantage on D it was definitely a drastic change.

I got to be matched up with Walter Hodge who I played against the NCAA tournament my freshman year as we lost to the eventual National Champions of Florida.  He has been tearing up the Puerto Rican league the past two years.  My teammates and I held him to 8 points and he eventually fouled out midway through the 4th quarter.

Offensively, I just tried to be a facilitator my first game and get other guys involved and see how the league was played and the refs called the game.  The stat sheet said I had 3 assists but I believe I had more than that, but the main thing is that we won.  I didn't take a shot from the field but was 5-6 from the free throw line with 7 rebounds, and 3 blocks.

All in all it was a good first game in the league.  Hopefully on Wednesday I will be able to contribute more on the offensive end and still be the same defensive player I have always been.  More to come on Thursday as we head to their place for game 2 of the best of 7 series.

On to the next one...

Friday, June 24, 2011

Boilers takin over Beantown!

Last night it was an unbelievable feeling for me just to watch and hear two of the all time Purdue greats get their name called in the 2011 NBA Draft.  It was an honor for me to get a chance to play next to them for three great seasons.  All the memories will be cherished forever.

I wish I could have been in Indianapolis anxiously awaiting JJs name to be called with the rest of his great support system.  He has always said that he wanted to play in the NBA and help his mom out.  His mom is an unbelievable lady who works hard to provide for her children....that trait obviously was carried on to JJ.  Now it is his turn to thank his mom and provide for her.

I have never necessarily liked Boston but definitely respected the way they took care of business.  As of last night, with the rest of Boiler Nation, I have a little more love for the Celts.  So, I just want to send out a special congrats to JJ and Smooge on making their dreams become a reality.

Best Wishes to both of you!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Puerto Rico

Felt like last year as I was plane to plane and hotel to hotel.  That is what my last week has been like.  From Fort Wayne to San Antonio, San Antonio to Chicago, Chicago to Huntington, and Huntington to Puerto Rico in a 5 day span.  With all that travel comes lack of sleep which I got to catch up on during the 5 hour flight to San Juan.   I arrive to 95 degree weather and traffic that reminds me of LA or NYC.

Staying in a hotel for a few days until I get my apartment i'll be able to get my feet wet of this new place.  Good signs as I was on the way to the hotel though when we passed Burger King, McDonalds, Churches Chicken, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and best of all Subway.  I now know I will not go hungry while on this adventure to play the game I love.

First game is tomorrow even though I will not be able to participate I am gearing up for this playoff run.  Its not everyday you get a chance to play in the post season with a chance of contending for the championship.

There will be more to come after the game tomorrow.  Updates available twitter as well….@chr15kram3r.

Stay tuned my friends!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

All-Star Purdue

Its been a few weeks since I have blogged.  Its been a long couple weeks with a lot of travel and errands to get done.  This week is All-Star break and that gives me time to rest my body and see some people that I have not been able to see much.

This weekend I am in Boilermaker Country prepping for the a huge game in the Big Ten on CBS.  Although, the Bucks got the best of the Boilers in the first matchup I am expecting a much better performance by the Boilers and also expect the Bucks to miss a shot this time around.

I wanna take this opportunity to wish my teammate Walker Russell Jr. good luck in the D-league All Star game.  Hopefully he brings home the MVP award and gets a W.

Next blog to come more weeks off.

Sunday, January 30, 2011


In this weeks blog I am just curious to what motivates you.  I know a lot of people are different and different things motivate different people.  So my questions for everyone are....What motivates you? Why do you think different things motivate different people?

The thing that motivates me the most is people doubting me or telling me I cannot do something.  I have been proving people wrong my whole life.  Growing up and a kid from a small town in Indiana no one gave me much credit and they said I could never play D-1 basketball.  The next challenge however is proving people wrong that I can play in the NBA.  With a lot of work and some good coaching I think I will be able to make my ultimate dream come true.  Success is something that motivates me too, but doubters really fuel the fire for me.

I think a lot of people are motivated by money due to the economic standing we are in.  I am a firm believer that money does not bring happiness.  Some of the richest people in the world are not even close to happy.

Anyone have good responses Id love to hear them.

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day of hoops

College Gameday....what more is there to say?  A chance for the Boilers to knock off Sparty and get back on track.  Keys for the game in my opinion each way.

For Michigan State:
1. Equalize JaJuan Johnson
2. Rebounding
3. Find an X-factor

For Purdue:
1. Rebounding
2. Transition D
3. Bench play

From experience if you can win the rebound battle and keep State out of transition you are going to give yourself a great chance to win.  They run so many sets Purdue's D should be able to take things away or at least push State's offense out on the court.

The atmosphere is going to be unbelievable!  I wish I was able to be in attendance and watch the Boilers protect their home court.  If we get 70+ points we are a tough team to beat.  Look for Smooge and JaJuan to keep playing like senior All Big Ten performers and look for J. Hart, R. Smith, or L. Jackson to step up as well.

Prediction Boilers by 4

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Monday, January 17, 2011

The Beginning

Hey! How is everyone doing? I am just starting a blog to talk about the things that are going on in my life, mainly basketball.  Other then that I will talk about things in my life and then try to challenge or motivate too.

I am going to start this first blog with the frustration that is going on in my basketball career.  I am playing for the Fort Wayne Mad Ants and we are struggling as a team right now.  We cant seem to put a full 48 minutes together.  After playing so well in the month of December, January has gotten the best of us.  Playing 14 of 17 on the road is obviously a tough task but we have lost some games we should have won.  It is back to the drawing board and we are going to get things turned around.  Have you came and saw a game?  If not I think you should.

To top things off it was a tough week for the Boilers this week.  Two road games in two hostile environments and couldn't get over the hump.  I will give credit where credit is due so kudos to Blake Hoffarber and Kevin Jones.  They made play after play to answer Purdue from taking complete control of the game.  I know a lot of people are going to jump off the bandwagon but I would never count out Coach Painter and his staff or the team lead by beasts JaJuan Johnson and Smooge Moore.  Look for the Boilers to turn it around this week and get back on track.

Basketball is life!