Thursday, September 29, 2011

German Experience

After a hellacious plane ride between two very unsanitary people I made it to Germany.  On the way from Frankfurt to Wurzburg I got to experience the autoban as a passenger.  As fast as I thought we were going really wasn't that fast when you convert km/h to mph.  I received a small but clean and nice 1 bedroom furnished apartment outside the city and a car (looks like a Prius).  The day I arrived our team had a preseason game so I tagged along and got to see first hand how the game was played and reffed over here. Seemed like Techs were giving out like water was to the players.  We pulled out the game on their court to finish the preseason.  Our team looks like we could be very competitive as we moved into the top division after being in the second last year.  We have good guards, forwards who can score inside and out, and some big strong centers that can play.  Our coach is all about thats nothing new to me.

I am getting adjusted pretty nicely over here after about a week.  The jet lag has worn off so sleeping through the night is no longer a problem.  The guys on the team are showing me around and letting me tag along with them as they go places.  Having a lot of Americans and guys that have played in Germany before is very nice and extremely helpful.  The two bad things about living here so far though....Not speaking the language and always just putting down the change I am given.  Those of you that do not know 1 and 2 Euros are on coins over here so those add up for sure.  In America I just keep the quarters in my car for maybe a big gulp of gum at the gas station but I cant do that here.  I need all that money!

First game is Oct. 3 so another blog will come shortly after that.  Everyone have a safe and enjoyable weekend.  Those of you that read this I am going to make a bold prediction for the Purdue ND game.


Wiggs kicks a field goal to win the game with seconds remaining.


  1. Hey CK,

    Its Alexander, a fan of the Guaynabo Mets! SON LOS METS! and a ND student. I wish you the best over there... I think each country has a different cover of the 1 Euro coin so you can collect them.

    About the prediction, ND 31 PUR 24 Cierre Wood will score 2 TD! (Sorry I have to go with my guys haha)

    Good luck!

  2. Glad to see that you are enjoying Germany already, Best of luck on your upcoming season