Thursday, October 13, 2011

Beat at the Buzzer

Last night was game 3 in Germany.  We played Frankfurt who had some Americans that many people would know (Juice Thompson from Northwestern, John Leuer from Wisco, and Justin Gray from Wake Forest).  It was back and forth for most of the first half and we trailed by 3 going into half.  In the second half we started making a run until there was a very controversial call.  What should have been called and inadvertent whistle was not called and we gave up a 3 and then our coach received a tech because it was not called when it should have.  With that said in 3 possessions we gave up 14 points.  The three against after the whistle 2 free throws for the tech, two more free throws on a foul after the tech, another 3, and then a 4 point play.  We went from up 6 to down 10 in less than a of the most drastic turns in momentum I have ever witnessed.  Even after all of these events we came together for one last big push late in the fourth quarter.  We were able to get steals and stops on the defensive end and able to create baskets on the other end.  Had a chance to tie the game at the line with under 30 seconds left but we connected 1-2 free throws.  Only having 2 team fouls with roughly 15 seconds left....they threw it in the first time and we fouled immediately. The second time we got a steal and I was fouled in transition right before I passed the ball to a cutter for the go ahead score.  I had 2 free throws as we were down 1 with 11 seconds left.  Knowing the situation all of my concentration was on the first free throw since that  is the biggest one and since I struggled from the line so far this season.  Knocked them both down and we were up 1 point.  We had a foul to give and fouled a little earlier than we wanted but they had about 10 seconds left and Justin Gray worked the ball up the court and took about a 40 footer and buried it as the buzzer sounded.  Our whole team was totally shocked but he stole the show with that last shot when we put so much effort into coming back and taking the lead.  The good thing about basketball, however, is that we have a game on Saturday.  Cant wait to get back out there and play again.  Bad taste in my mouth after losing that way.

If some of this doesnt make sense I am sorry...quickly threw this together.

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