Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Puerto Rico...Game 1

Last night I made my debut for the Guaynabo Mets as we started off the series with a home win.  The game is much more physical than I was used to playing in the NBDL.  While handling the ball you can push, shove, smack, slap, etc and most the time not get called for a foul...although that works into my advantage on D it was definitely a drastic change.

I got to be matched up with Walter Hodge who I played against the NCAA tournament my freshman year as we lost to the eventual National Champions of Florida.  He has been tearing up the Puerto Rican league the past two years.  My teammates and I held him to 8 points and he eventually fouled out midway through the 4th quarter.

Offensively, I just tried to be a facilitator my first game and get other guys involved and see how the league was played and the refs called the game.  The stat sheet said I had 3 assists but I believe I had more than that, but the main thing is that we won.  I didn't take a shot from the field but was 5-6 from the free throw line with 7 rebounds, and 3 blocks.

All in all it was a good first game in the league.  Hopefully on Wednesday I will be able to contribute more on the offensive end and still be the same defensive player I have always been.  More to come on Thursday as we head to their place for game 2 of the best of 7 series.

On to the next one...

Friday, June 24, 2011

Boilers takin over Beantown!

Last night it was an unbelievable feeling for me just to watch and hear two of the all time Purdue greats get their name called in the 2011 NBA Draft.  It was an honor for me to get a chance to play next to them for three great seasons.  All the memories will be cherished forever.

I wish I could have been in Indianapolis anxiously awaiting JJs name to be called with the rest of his great support system.  He has always said that he wanted to play in the NBA and help his mom out.  His mom is an unbelievable lady who works hard to provide for her children....that trait obviously was carried on to JJ.  Now it is his turn to thank his mom and provide for her.

I have never necessarily liked Boston but definitely respected the way they took care of business.  As of last night, with the rest of Boiler Nation, I have a little more love for the Celts.  So, I just want to send out a special congrats to JJ and Smooge on making their dreams become a reality.

Best Wishes to both of you!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Puerto Rico

Felt like last year as I was plane to plane and hotel to hotel.  That is what my last week has been like.  From Fort Wayne to San Antonio, San Antonio to Chicago, Chicago to Huntington, and Huntington to Puerto Rico in a 5 day span.  With all that travel comes lack of sleep which I got to catch up on during the 5 hour flight to San Juan.   I arrive to 95 degree weather and traffic that reminds me of LA or NYC.

Staying in a hotel for a few days until I get my apartment i'll be able to get my feet wet of this new place.  Good signs as I was on the way to the hotel though when we passed Burger King, McDonalds, Churches Chicken, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and best of all Subway.  I now know I will not go hungry while on this adventure to play the game I love.

First game is tomorrow even though I will not be able to participate I am gearing up for this playoff run.  Its not everyday you get a chance to play in the post season with a chance of contending for the championship.

There will be more to come after the game tomorrow.  Updates available twitter as well….@chr15kram3r.

Stay tuned my friends!