Sunday, December 25, 2011

Spending Christmas in Germany!

Hey guys, let me begin by saying Merry Christmas and a Happy New! So....Christmas. I have always been at home for Christmas so being away is definitely a big adjustment. In college, I would normally get roughly the 23rd-25th off with practice on Christmas Night being a track meet. Even then I would complain about not being able to do this or do that like all of the other kids did on Christmas break. Looking back now I would love to be able to spend the Holidays with my family. Skype and texts can only do so much when you are used to the time and fellowship with your family. I could have used that Christmas feast for some food, instead I settled for McDonalds for my meal. Nothing says Merry Christmas like greasy chicken mcnuggets and french fries. Rough livin!

Although, I am doing nothing but complaining about being cooped up in my 1 bedroom apartment in the outskirts of Wurzburg, Germany at least I wasn't alone. I got to spend some time with my brothers (teammates). If it wasn't for the I don't know what we would have done.  Everything in the city was essentially shut down at 2pm on Saturday since Germans celebrate Christmas then and on Sundays everything is closed anyways.  The NFL and NBA games definitely got me through these 2 days which seemed to just drag on forever.

I knew that the Holidays would be a struggle before I signed my contract, but I get to come home in a few weeks for a roughly a week so I am looking forward to that. Christmas in January? Guess we will see.....

Sorry for all the mumbo jumbo....a lot of thoughts were running through my head while writing this.