Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Final Thoughts from Puerto Rico

As our final game concluded I was able to sit back and reflect on this experience I was blessed with.  What an amazing opportunity I was given by my dear friend Edwin Loubriel Jr.  I want to thank him and his father for asking me to come and join the Guaynabo Mets.  Although, we did not win the championship or get to that point it was a good run for our team.  We were short handed due to injuries but never let that get us down we still went out and fought until the end.  I would be remorse if I did not thank the fans of the Mets for all the love and support they showed me from my first day on the squad.  Y'all made the games a lot of fun...."Guaynabo ahii!"

I hope to be invited back again next year so I can participate in this great league.  Guaynabo would be perfect if it was able to happen.  The lone bad thing of my experience in Puerto Rico was all of the rain.  I had enough of that back home before I left...it just followed me down here it seemed.  Hurricane season killed my chances at coming back with a nice tan lol.

I also need to thank the employees of the Quality Inn for putting up with my horrible sleeping habits.  The maids had it set so they wouldn't knock on my door until at least 1:30pm for service but most of the time they would wait until about 3.  Most of the time I would still be laying in bed exhausted but I would get up and go get some food so they could clean my room for me.  On top of the Quality Inn Staff I need to thank the Marriott casino personnel for being so kind and generous to me during my stay.  It was about two and half weeks strait I would find myself there every single night playing black jack or 3 card poker.  The casino was very good to me until the last couple days I attended...it got old after a while.

Another blog to come about the basketball experience soon.


  1. Great run... Keep up the positive attitude and continue working hard. Hopefully this will lead to other opportunities to realize your dream. Boiler-UP!

  2. Nice blog KC... BTW: Just asking, what do you think about the PRican league (BSN)? Is it better, worse, equal to the D-league?