Sunday, July 3, 2011

Puerto Rico...Game 4

Well, I know I missed a little bit there while I was sulking and complaining about my minutes the past two games.  So I am sorry but to recap those two games a bit we won game two at their place by 3 points I believe.  It was a total team effort and things went well.  Game 3 we lost by 2 at the buzzer....Angel Vasallo made a great tip in and got fouled to tie the game with bout 7 seconds left but Walter Hodge had the last laugh in this one has he came off a ball screen and we switched and beat the defender and finished with his lefty floater.

Tonight was a game that we labeled as a must win.  An Opportunity to take complete control of the series with the next game back at home.  We opened the game pretty flat and Sancture hit some shots at the beginning to put them up to an early lead.  We battled back and went back and forth most of the first half.  The third quarter is when all the fireworks happened.  Late in the 3rd, our back up big man Jorge was called for a foul when he and I both thought it was a clean strip and we had a fast break lay up.  He reacted pretty excessively at first then walked away but the ref still called a technical and then the antics began he ran over and got into his face to make sure he got all of his words in to make it worth getting tossed.  Personally, I thought he was about to beat the ref up right there on spot.  That is something I have never seen in my life.  So...with that being said they shot 6 free throws and made all of them.  That was a 6 point swing so we were trailing after being tied.  Just like so frequently happens in basketball him getting tossed turned things around for us and gave us the momentum.

The forth quarter was back and forth until we took control of the game late.  Angel Vasallo basically scored all of our points in the 4th quarter as it seemed he shot free throws every time down the court.  This was a big time when for us on their court heading back to Guaynabo for game 5.

Personally, I was focused and hungry and had a great opportunity tonight and took advantage of it.  I checked in mid first quarter and played the whole first half from that point on.  I ended first half with 6 points, 5 boards,  and 4 ast.  Then I finished the game with 16 points, 6 boards, 7 ast, and 4 steals.  So I took full advantage of my opportunity and hopefully things will keep going smoothly over here.

On a non basketball note....It has rained here more than it did back in Indiana so yall should be happy for  that.  I was hoping to come back when a nice cinnamon tan and maybe a pretty senorita haha.

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