Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Game 5...Disaster

Game 5 didn't start or end well to say the least.  We started our the game before running out in a circle with a guy acting like a bull fighter and then other as the bull and the bull was charging and we would all chant olay. If that isn't a sign from the beginning that we came out flat and "got our doors blown clean off the hinges" to quote my former Mad Ants roommate Darnell Lazare.  They picked us apart and were hitting 3s and getting dunks off the pick and roll because no one wanted to help to give up a 3.

That is all we are going to talk about the game wasn't close and we will leave it at that.  Thursday is a great opportunity for our team to end the series once and for all.  Losing tomorrow puts a bunch of pressure on us and brings us to a home game against a team that just won 3 in a row.  Must win tomorrow in my books....lose and go home doesn't sound to good at this point.

Everyone wish us luck to end the series so we can advance and get a couple days off before facing the Champions from last season who are big and extremely athletic.

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