Friday, July 8, 2011

Game 6

Last night was one hell of a basketball game to watch.  Two teams playing very hard with two completely different objectives in mind.  Basketball is a game of runs, as most of you know, and the key to winning most games is limiting the other teams runs while making yours last.  This game was back and forth with runs and had to be exciting for the packed gym to watch.  I felt like we had the game in control as we were up 12 points in the 3rd quarter and when it started to rain it poured.  3 consecutive and 1s and then a 3 pointer to tie the game up as quick as a a snap of the fingers.  We found ourselves down 2 with 32 seconds to go in the fourth quarter.  We got the stop we needed and had a guy leaking out and hit him in stride to get found rather excessively from behind with 9 seconds left.  He hit both free throws and they called a time out.  We got the stop with roughly 5 seconds to go and we had two people breaking for a game winning lay up as time expired but our big guy dribbled up and took a half court shot that was so close to going down but rimmed out.

FIBA rules are different than anything I am used to.  Sancturce got the ball to start the overtime and they took control of the game and we tried to play form behind in the OT and just didn't have enough to get over the hump.  Personally, I thought I played pretty well but not well enough for us to get the W and move on to the semi-finals.  I had 22 points, 6 rbs, and 3 ast.  Saturday is the win or go home type of game and it will also be my first game 7 experience.  I am excited for this opportunity we have to close the series at our home court.

More to come following our game.

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