Thursday, July 14, 2011

Semis dead locked at one game a piece in the best of seven

Monday was a great day for the Guaynabo Mets.  We walked into the gym that holds roughly 15k and delivered a win against the defending Champs.  It was a total team effort and a much needed win to take control of the series.  We battled back and forth in the first half and then we took control of the game in the mid third quarter.  We played very sound defense, moved the ball offensively, took good shots, and capitalized on their mistakes.  Personally, the picture I have posted was my personal high light of the game.  Buster (our 4 man) blocked one of their guys shots and that led us to a 2-on-1 break and I had the ball with their point guard back.  He never stopped the ball so I took it all the way and when I jumped he jumped as well so I knew I had to take it to the rim and try to dunk it.  From that point on we made plays offensively and defensively so we could get the win.  I think I had 7 points, 7 rebounds, 4 ast, and 4 steals in the game.

Game 2 started out pretty good and then hit a turn for the worse.  Arecebo has a player who is the "shooter" on the Puerto Rican National Team.  Tonight he did that very well, and so did the rest of his teammates.  They shot the ball very well from the perimeter and when we would battle back and get into the game we would have a mental lapse and they would capitalize.  I played pretty well in the second half and finished with 16 and 4 rebounds I believe.  Tonight, I experienced something that has no place in sports.  Our fan were throwing things on the court, one of which almost drilled me.  Due to the throwing of objects we had to wait to dry the court and we received technicals for those actions.  I was in  awe and didn't know what to do when objects started flying.

Game 3 on Friday as we had to a packed house in Arecebo.  Its going to be like walking into IU, MSU, or Wisco for me. Cant Wait!


  1. Such a nice dunk deserves a better quality picture!  Good to see you still chasing the dream CK!  You've got all of the Boiler Nation behind you. Best of luck!
    CK Dunk on

  2. Theirs alot of disappointing things people do now a days but alot of people do good to

  3. I appreciate it! Tony you're totally right

  4. It's real hot and humid here in indiana